MAGIC Data Virtual Observatory Search


The center of the region of interest.
Coordinates are given in decimal degrees. If none are specified, "ALL" is assumed.

Ra [deg]:   

DEC [deg]:


The radius of the region of interest. It is specified in the decimal degrees. If none is set, 1 deg is assumed.

Size [deg]:


Spectral bandpass of the search.
For MAGIC data, this value is always given as a 1e-20/1e-16 m range (corresponds to ~ 10 GeV / 100 TeV in energy).

Band [m]:


The format in which the returned results will be in.
Formats currently supported by MAGIC are listed below.



The time coverage of the search.
For MAGIC data, it does not make sense to constrain the search with this parameter.

Time [YYYY-MM-DD]:


Type of Data the search is queried for.
Currently supported by MAGIC are searches for Spectra and/or Light Curves.

Search for:

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This VO Data Service has benefited from the support of the Spanish Virtual Observatory under the project AyA2008-02156.